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EZDrone is a small store run by just a handful of dedicated experts. We have been operating under modified hours Thurs, Fri, 11-6 and Sat 11-4 because of an outside consulting/ operating contract. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have seen extremely limited shipments of replacement parts from our suppliers. As the crisis continues we expect part supply to be even more constrained. In addition the city of Portland has issued a stay at home order forcing non essential business to stop working. With that in mind we are expecting to be closed from 3/23 until 5/31. This is purely based upon the stop work order, we will continue to modify hours to work around restrictions whenever possible. Our hours will be constantly updated on both our website and our google listing, if you have questions or need help urgently email us directly at as we will not be able to answer voicemails during a closure. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to standard hours returning soon.


our experience sets us apart from the rest

We are a full service repair and sales center authorized by all major manufacturers.  Our staff is fully trained on all different types of and styles of drones.

are you building your own drone from scratch or recently purchased an out of the box solution?

are you aware of the no fly zones before you take flight?

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we dont just sell drones, we live and breathe them

EZDrone’s roots are in the build. We started building drones from the ground up and our foundation rests in understanding the guts.

EZDrone 1720 NW Lovejoy Street, Unit 118