Why EZDrone?

EZDrone is dedicated to bringing quality name brand multirotors to anybody and everybody. We specialize in multirotors so we can focus on quality products and outstanding customer satisfaction. We don't sell a massive variety of RC products because we believe that quality does not come in mass quantity. We do our best to bring you the best drone experience possible. We will do everything to inform new users about drones, safety, function, and capabilities. We take all of the technical stuff and just make the entire experience EZ.

We are here to help the new users as well as the experienced RC veteran. We sell parts that have been tested and built specifically for the mulitirotor platform. With relatively new technology in the market being modified from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, we take out the guess work. This can save time and money for any RC pilot.

Check out our inventory for replacement parts or build a custom drone from the ground up. We are working on an EZ to use interface for picking compatible parts right from our website. You will be able to pick your parts and build it for yourself or have us build, program and assemble it for you.

Check out some footage from 2013

What is EZDrone?

Aerial photography
We make aerial photography as cheap and EZ as possible with packages starting at $300. Don't be fooled by the Craigslist ads you see. We are professional and guarantee you will get what you want. We do not use GoPro cameras for aerial shots. We use high end mini DSLR cameras to ensure a quality shot every time. The client actually sees what they are getting in real time through a ground station monitor. This ensure customer satisfaction with every shoot. Contact us for more information.

Applications include:

-archaeological site surveys
-architectural planning
-golf courses, clubs & hotels
-building inspections and surveys
-heat loss surveys & infra-red thermography
-historic buildings & archive records
-company reports & brochures
-legal disputes, planning & boundary recording
-construction progress shots
-leisure & tourism shots
-crowd & event marketing
-news & media agencies
-environmental, agricultural & coastal surveys
-outdoor shows & festivals
-real estate agent's advertising
-panoramic views & 360 degree virtual tours
-film production stills
-property marketing brochures
-forensic & crime scene recording
-school, college & university prospectus shots
-traffic management & new road layouts
-animal herd tracking
-agriculture drought tracking
-agricultural infestations
-scientific reasearch
Aerial video
We work with only the best cameras. Most shoots will be filmed using a full 1080 DSLR camera. For professional video we film video with RED cameras so you get the best quality and still pay less than hiring a helicopter and pilot. Ground control stations let the director see exactly what is being shot in real time. Contact us for more information.
Commercial drone solutions
Think a drone can help save your business money? We can help with building a drone to suit your needs or we can find one for you. We have contacts all over the world in many different industries. Drones are being used to do tasks that you wouldn't think possible. Let us get you a drone that will bring revenue and attention to your business like never before.
eCommerce storefront
EZDrone.com will offer everything from complete ready-to-fly models to single retaining nuts for your props. We offer selections on the best products in the business No previous drone knowledge is needed because we just make it EZ. Our products are high quality, stable in flight, and EZ to use. All models are tried and true. Plus we use the same products we sell on professional jobs. We wouldn't sell it if we wouldn't use it. Check out our store now. New products are always being tested and added so come back often to see what's new.

What our custom build service includes

We assemble all our drones using the highest quality parts and procedures including heat shrink, fasteners, wire wraps, and high quality soldering. Don't get stuck with low quality mass builds from companies trying to push high volume onto the market. We have actually seen builds that use electrical tape to hold parts in place.
Extreme attention to detail and pride in work is guaranteed. No messy wires sticking out anywhere. We make our drones look as good as they fly. Attention to detail is something we live by and it shows in all of our builds.
We handle programming the ESC's, gimbal, transmitter, receiver, servos, and any other part that is specific to the project. We take all the support calls and troubleshooting out of the equation. Let us handle all the hard stuff and make it EZ for you.
No more messing with a product out of the box. We take the drone for a test flight before shipping it to get all of the small bugs out. We calibrate the accelerometers, GPS, and even the magnetic declination. Our products fly great so you can unwrap, launch, and fly.
We make SURE it works before shipping, making the whole process EZ for you.
Fast Delivery
Fast shipping or customers or local pick-up to get you in the air as quickly as possible.
Customer Support
EZDrone has outstanding customer support. We are here to answer any questions you may have. You can call us if you are just curious about something. Even if we don't have the answer right away, we will find it for you. No pushy salesman. We just want to share our passion with everybody.