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What is a drone?

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve asked this same question at some point. You’ve heard this term on the news, come across it on the internet machine a few times, or heard about them from a friend or family member. It’s also possible that you know what a drone is, but want to understand […]

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Top 5 Drones for the Holidays Expert Breakdown

Phantom 3 – Advanced – $999 (Plus FREE DJI Hardshell Backpack)

DJI’s Phantom 3 Series drones are some of the overall best drones on the market in terms of value. They are super user-friendly and very popular. The Phantom 3 Advanced is the middle child of the series and is by far the best value in […]

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Kickstarter Conundrum

“In the computer industry, vaporware is a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually manufactured nor officially cancelled. Use of the word has broadened to include products such as automobiles.”

Publicly funded websites such as Kickstarter are a place where innovative and leading edge technological ideals […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Drone Deals

If you are looking for deals on the hottest drone products this year, look no further. Below, we have outlined the best deals, a brief product description, and why you should consider it. All of these deals will be available from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This gives you plenty of time to find just […]

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Update on Drone Registration

The task force appointed by the FAA to come up with drone regulations, is recommending that the government set up a registration system for pilots, instead of signing up individual drones. This recommendation includes all aircrafts weighing over 250 grams (just over half a pound).

Now, the FAA can use the task force’s recommendations and utilize […]

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DJI Unveils Futuristic Autonomous Drones

There are dreamers and there are doers. More often than not we’ve perceived the dreamers as the underdog, the little guy with big aspirations trying to make it in this world. On the flip side, the doer is usually deemed the more successful of the two. The doers spend their time making their dreams into […]

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Google Registers Two Drones With FAA

The Internet is a buzz with drone technology as of late. From car-sized beasts carrying humans to microsized aircrafts fixed with cameras, there have been lots to talk about. But one topic has trumping all others, when will drones be able to shop for us?

Delivery drones have been on the minds of many since Amazon […]

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No Drones for Ski Season

Winter is coming.

For those who do not fear the cold and embrace the lush white blankets that coat our nation’s mountains, this is an exciting time of year. New gear is purchased, ski and snowboard passes are gifted, and all sorts of new opportunities for breathtaking photography become available.

With the newest technology always being a […]

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The Secret Features of the 3DR Solo

At first glance, the Solo looks like any other drone on the market. Looks can be deceiving. Under the hood is a powerful computer with seemingly endless capabilities for flight modes. We decided to push the limits on the ones that are currently available.

Cable Cam

As the name implies, it is a drone’s version of attaching […]

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