EZDrone Inc was founded as a custom build center to deliver you exactly what you want in a drone. We can build custom setups tailored to your specifications. Our build labor rates are some of the lowest on the market due to years of staff training and industry leading experience.

We have designers and engineers in house to accommodate even the most complicated projects. Our expert team will work with you to achieve whatever goal you need the drone to accomplish. Whether you need multispectral imaging to monitor your crops, FLIR to monitor wildlife or the most basic quadcopter to fly around you local park you can count on us to deliver it in a ready to fly package. We can even train you or your staff to properly operate it.

If you are interested in having us build you a custom craft please fill out the form below or contact us through contact@ezdrone.com. The more information we have the better we can respond to you in the most informed way possible.

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